The success of the original Apple Watch, which is considered to be one of the best smart-watches nowadays, is beyond doubt. Unlike the first iPhone, the gadget did not change the industry, but it all the same made competitors work hard in order to catch up with its popularity. Nevertheless, as soon as someone got functionally close to the watch by Apple, the Cupertino company presented a yet better model, Series 2. But is it that good, really?

Size of Apple Watch

In spite of the fact that it is hard to tell the difference between the appearance of the original Apple Watch and the second generation model, the official information confirms that the new model is somewhat thicker and heavier. Some change has been made to the construction of the watch, and, aside from becoming waterproof, it has also acquired a 35% more capacious battery.

It is easy to explain the increased thickness and weight of the watch. Aside from being equipped with a more efficient S2 chipset, Apple Watch Series 2 also has a GPS-module, which can track the location of the owner. Even talented Apple engineers could not integrate this detail into the device without it losing autonomy.