When purchasing goods, most consumers rely on the choices of other people, which is rather natural. Millions of people purchasing the same product in unprecedented numbers cannot all be mistaken. But those who see no point in spending money on a rather questionable device are not mistaken either. Even if that device is the Apple Watch 2.

What will prevent the Apple Watch 2 from being successful?

Analysts from the Branding Brand company came to relevant conclusions. According to their research, in which slightly fewer than 1,000 people took part, more than 80% of the respondents saw no point in purchasing a second-generation Apple Watch. They all own iPhones and almost half of them consider it reasonable to purchase an iPhone 7. Neither are they bothered by the similarity in appearance among smartphones of different generations.

The most common reason respondents cited for avoiding the Apple Watch 2 was mediocre functionality. Even a built-in GPS module and a longer-lasting battery would not alter the decision of most respondents. The second most frequent complaint that emerged in the experiment was the high cost, which does not square with the concept of a smartwatch.