The most expensive version of the smartwatch by Apple, starting at $10,000, has disappeared from the product catalog and the company’s advertising campaign. This is not a stock shuffling, but a result of the failure of a great initiative – Apple no longer aspires for a place in the luxury industry and is forced to work with IT goods for a wide range of consumers.

The most expensive Apple Watch Edition in 2016 is made of ceramics

The only hint of luxury in the Apple Watch model line was a brief mention during the presentation of a model in a ceramic case. According to Jeff Williams, it is four times more durable than the stainless-steel model. It does not get scratched, does not fade, and sparkles even after being in use for a long time.

We are once again offered the chance to buy not just a utilitarian product, but a prestigious, high-profile accessory. It has the same name as the previous luxury version, Apple Watch Edition, but costs ten times less.