Incoming calls

Once your Apple Watch is synchronized with your iPhone, there are a few things you can do in case of an incoming call:

How to make phone calls with Apple Watch

  • Answer. Press the green telephone button to do it
  • Decline. Press the red button. The call will be sent to voicemail
  • Answer with your iPhone. You will be able to talk on your smartphone. Press “Answer on iPhone”
  • “Send a message”
  • Covering the Apple Watch’s display with the palm of your hand for three seconds will automatically decline the call. You will then be shown the option to enable the Silent mode
  • If the call was declined, you will receive a notification with the voicemail message once you unblock your smartwatch. If that did not happen, you can listen to the message by using the Voicemail feature in the Phone app.

Outgoing calls

You can also make calls to some numbers with your smartwatch. Unfortunately, this is only available for calling contacts from your Favorites list so far. It can be edited on your iPhone.

In order to make a phone call, you should:

  • Push the Side button below the Digital Crown
  • Turn the Digital Crown to select a contact
  • Use the button with a phone icon.