The watch faces on the Apple Watch can be changed to suit any taste. Types vary from digital to analogue, and every watch face can be customized further to match your preferences.

How to change the watch face on your Apple Watch

To do that, press the Digital Crown twice, or just launch the Watch app from the Home screen of your Apple Watch. Keep pressing the display to see a gallery with the available options.

Once you’ve picked the right type, press Customize to launch personal customization. Depending on the face you choose, different features can be altered, such as text color or the markings on the face. You can add or remove complications by turning the Digital Crown. Every additional feature has its own place on the screen, to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Some watch faces support adding complications that display data from other apps. For example, calendars, world clocks, and weather. Swipe right to open the menu of available apps, whose info you would like to see on the Home screen. Press the Digital Crown once again when you are done with the face customization in order to save all the changes and exit the setup mode.