Leading market analysts agree that Apple will not manage to match the result it achieved in 2015, as the number of devices sold in 2016 will prove to be smaller.

Apple Watch Series 2 will not be able to overcome its predecessor

As a result, sales of the Apple Watch Series 2 are predicted to be 15-25% smaller compared to the previous generation. Most likely we will never know the real figures: ever since Apple Watch was developed in Cupertino, its actual sales figures have never been reported. That is why all we can do is trust the analysts.

The second generation Apple Watch does not differ much from its predecessor in appearance, and possibly the decrease in sales of the newcomer will be related to it. Nevertheless, the main advantage of Series 2 is still the increased battery capacity, which allows the watch to function for almost three days with no charging. Isn’t that a good reason to make a purchase?