According to the latest report from the IDC research company, the total number of Apple Watches supplied in the third quarter of this year (the period from June to September) was 1.1 million. That is 71.6% less than the number during the same time period last year. Back then, Apple supplied approximately 3.9 million Apple Watches.

Apple Watch sales dropped drastically

According to IDC, such a decrease (at least those in the last two weeks of the third quarter) can be explained at least in part by the lack of updates of the original Apple Watch model before the announcement of the new Apple Watch Series 2. The agency also mentions a general fall in sales of approximately 51.6% in the smartwatch market during the third quarter.

Despite all this, Apple still preserves its position as leader of the smartwatch market, with a 41.3% market share. The Garmin company holds second place; its share is approximately 20.5%. Compared to the similar period last year, there is a 342.2% increase in the sales level.

As for Apple, it does not wish to share official sales figures for the watch. In its reports, the company added its smartwatch to the ‘other devices’ category. This category also includes Apple TV, Beats, and various accessories which are not among the most profitable for the company.