The ability to accurately measure distance travelled and heart rate is the most important feature of any fitness bracelet. Athletes are ready to disregard almost anything for that, be it a built-in GPS receiver or water resistance. Fortunately, owners of Apple Watch will not have to choose.

Apple Watch proclaimed the most precise fitness device

According to research conducted by Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic, data provided by Apple Watch was announced to be the most precise. Unlike the Fitbit Charge HR, Mio Alpha, or Basis Peak bracelets, data gathered by the smartwatches form Cupertino was the closest to that provided by medical equipment.

The research involved 50 volunteers, who were connected to a professional ECG machine. To guarantee the accuracy of the experiment, heart rate was measured while the participants were running, walking, and at rest. Apple Watch showed results similar to those of medical equipment 90% of the time, while the competing devices could barely reach 80%.