On September 7, 2016 Apple presented the second generation of its smartwatch, named the Apple Watch Series 2. Many hardware and software changes are awaiting us in the new Apple Watch generation. All the features and functions of the new Apple Watch are described in the Apple Watch Series 2 user guide available on our website. Read on to learn more about them.

Apple Watch User Guide

Apple Watch Review

The Apple Watch Series 2 features a new processor, a dual-core S2 chip that is 50% faster than its predecessor. The graphical subsystem is twice as fast, which should make the applications more responsive. Speaking of the applications, many users have encountered difficulty when using the Apple Watch. You will be able to easily set up any standard application with the help of the Apple Watch manual.

It is worth noting that the new processor (without the GPS module) will also be built into the Apple Watch Series 1. (Apple is leaving for sale only one old updated version of the Apple Watch, with an aluminum case and a sports strap.)

The screen of the Apple Watch Series 2 is twice as bright as the screen on the Apple Watch Series 1 – it has a remarkable brightness of 1,000 nt. The manufacturer states that this is the brightest display in the company’s history. The difference from the old display is easily noticed on a sunny day – it will be much easier to read the information on an Apple Watch 2.

Another pleasant and expected development is the GPS receiver. Its advantages are obvious – you can now go jogging or cycling without an iPhone, as Apple Watch 2 will gather all the necessary data (distance, speed, and pace). You can read more about this useful feature in the Apple Watch user guide.

Apple Watch Manual

The Apple Watch Series 2 features full water resistance, which allows users to take a shower and even swim in a pool. The manufacturer guarantees 100% water resistance up to depths of 50 meters. This was made possible by the innovative speaker design. It cannot be fully sealed – air is required for producing sounds – but Apple engineers have come up with an elegant solution. The device lets the water in, but it can be cleared with the help of sound vibrations.

Software is another strength of the Apple Watch 2. For example, the Workout application offers up to 12 programs for taking part in sports, both in the open air and indoors. It displays up to five readings (including the pulse in real-time mode) and pauses the workout automatically.

Make use of the Apple Watch 2 manual to learn about all the features of your Apple Watch. For example, the Activity app tracks all the workout readings of physical activities, displaying them as rings. With the help of this app, you can easily evaluate your own physical fitness and set various goals for yourself. The Breathing app will help you distract yourself from bustling city life. Other workout apps developed by well-known companies are available for the Apple Watch Series 2.

In addition, Apple has changed the names of the models within the generation. The aluminum version that once went by the name of Apple Watch Sport is now simply the Apple Watch, just like the stainless-steel variant. You’ll specify the case material while buying the device on the website. The elite Apple Watch Edition series was retained, but the devices are made of ceramic instead of gold, and they are considerably cheaper.

Aside from that, there are the Apple Watch Hermes and the Apple Watch Nike+ series, which have different straps and case designs. A large variety of straps can also be bought with the watch or separately (except for the Nike straps). Hermes straps are also available for sale without the watch.

Apple Watch User Guide

Apple launched the watchOS 3 system update at the same time as the new Apple Watch. The Apple watch user guide iBook was published on the official company website; it will help users get a better understanding of all the features of the smartwatch. The third version of the watchOS is fully compatible with the previous Apple Watch models.

The main changes of the watchOS 3 include measures that considerably speed up access to the applications, both default and external. Applications now launch immediately on the Apple Watch. Use the Apple Watch 2 user guide to save time while learning about Apple Watch features. There you will find answers to any questions related to the setup and use of this Apple device.
The quick access to the Apple Watch contacts was removed; the button next to the Digital Crown fulfills a much more important role now – it opens the dock, where the last-used and favorite apps are presented in a gallery mode. This makes the button more helpful, and likely to be used more often.

Clock faces are another watchOS 3 innovation; it is easier to switch between them now. To change a clock face in your Apple Watch, simply swipe right on the screen. Aside from that, it is worth noting that some of the clock faces are modular, which means that you will be able to determine which information is displayed on them and in what location. You can accurately adjust the clock face according to your preferences with the help of the Apple watch user manual.

Apple Watch Manual PDF

To learn more about the Apple Watch Series 2 and watchOS 3, you can read the Apple Watch manual PDF here.